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No Struggle Army

About Us

Our Mission

To maximize the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our community through fitness education and engagement.

Why the name?

Derek originally chose the name Top Flight Fitness because of his life-long infatuation with aeronautics and all things flight. In relation to fitness, Top Flight represents ascension and breaking through self-inflicted barriers.

about Derek

Fitness is my pride, joy and passion. I started Top Flight Fitness on my 13th birthday, April 21st, 2004, to help my team mates improve their agility and overall strength in football, basketball and track. Even though I was only 13, I felt a great sense of pride and usefulness uplifting both myself and my team.

I received various academic scholarships to Kansas State University, but due to finances, moved back home after a summer semester and enrolled at Prairie View A&M.

 During my tenure at Prairie View, I used my fitness knowledge to offer training and advice to over 2,500 people in four years, including children, university staff and students. I earned my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering in 2011.

Top Flight Fitness became a YouTube channel when my personal views conflicted with the structural integrity of PV’s athletic department and their training philosophy. I sought an outlet for depression and a way to further my outreach. YouTube provided that, and connected me with many amazing YouTubers. My most influential collaboration – to date – was with Chris Jones, aka Beast Mode Jones of Pump Chasers. After a few collaborations with Chris, my subscribers went from 100 to over 2,000 in two weeks; proving the power of social media.

I strive to continuously become a better version of myself, and I want others to adopt the same mindset. Never let size define how “great” or “powerful” you are. The fitness industry has this thing where…if you don’t look like you can crack concrete walking down the street, you’re categorized as “weak”. I’m here to break that mold. I want to show people that true athleticism comes from functionality, consistency and discipline. I’m here to prove that true strength goes beyond size, whether you want to look like a tank or be compact like a bullet.

Whether you decide to “take flight” with us, or continue your journey elsewhere, remember. No Struggle, No Strength.

NASM Master Trainer. CPR certified. Performance Enhancement Specialist. Functional Movement Specialist. Mixed Martial Arts conditioning specialist. Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Kettlebell Certified. Post and Pre-natal certified. VIPR Dynamic certified.

What are Derek’s interests outside of the gym?
Exploring national parks and wooded areas. Eating good food. Shotokan Karate. Swimming. Music. Movies. Anime. Spending time with my close friends and family.

about Victoria

I was born into an athletic family, but I am not an athlete. You won’t hear me telling stories of Herculean prowess that include the words, “Since I was a kid…”.

I have no interest in a pro card, just to become the best version of myself.

Simply put, I’m a late bloomer, and didn’t start my fitness journey until 28 years old. Sure, I liked to believe I was active back then. I did home workouts, went jogging at Memorial Park, did yoga and sampled Muy Thai (ouch). But I was never consistent, so there was never any progress. 

My wakeup call came in 2015, when I took off the beer goggles and saw holiday pictures of myself compared to old vacation pictures from just a couple years prior. I knew I had to make a change.

Like so many of you out there who do not have an athletic foundation to build on, I’m here to show you that it’s never too late to start. When I say, I understand the challenge of revamping your entire lifestyle, I mean it. Unlearning poor habits. Learning how to properly lift. Cultivating a healthy relationship with self. And finally, sustainable motivation for the long haul. 

Bottom line? You are not alone. We provide solutions that make the journey exciting, whether you are a newbie, a veteran or somewhere in between.

Sending love, and GAINS.

(in progress)

What are Victoria’s interests outside of the gym?
Writing. Live Music. Art Performances. Travel. Language Study. Yoga. Martial Arts. Hiking. Anime. Foreign films. Martial art movies. Motorcycles.
And….red wine. Copious amounts of red wine. 

"Congrats brotha...well deserved my friend...make that money while helping people change their lives! I'll meet you at the top"

Kevin Fisher, Houston

"...I love your passion and dedication!"

Theresa Martinez, Houston

"Can't imagine going back to the pre-me before you started kicking my ass."

Fred Gallucci, River Oaks