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Q & A

Q: What is Top Flight Fitness?
A: A fitness and lifestyle company, legalized in the state of Texas in 2017. We operate out of Houston.


Q: What is your physical address?
A: Right now we are digitally based, but offer personal training and group training for paying clients in the city of Houston. We’ll keep you posted on the timeline for our facilities’ opening.


Q: I haven’t exercised in years! Can you work with me?
A: OF COURSE we can (and will) work with you. It’s never too late to start, or get back on track. Your fitness program will be custom tailored to fit your needs and abilities.


Q: Do I need to purchase equipment to train with you?
A: If you are paying for Personal Training or Group Training, bring nothing but a water bottle, hand towel and your work ethic. If you are an Online Coaching client and have chosen an “At Home” regimen versus “Gym Regimen”, then we will assess what equipment you have and offer suggestions (if needed) to achieve your best possible results. We want you to succeed.


Q: How fast can you guarantee results?  
A: We are not going to serve you a tall glass of  “fairy juice” promising to transform your body from meh to wow in (7) days. It just doesn’t work like that, and any company making such bold promises should be avoided. Don’t believe everything you see on social media or infomercials. Wherever you are starting, please remember…you didn’t become that way overnight. The weight isn’t going to fall off overnight (nor will you gain 10 pounds of lean muscle overnight –naturally, anyway). The better question is, how bad do you want change? How hard are you willing to work? How consistent are you willing to be, both with your fitness and with nutrition? What are your starting stats and what are your ideals goals? Let’s tackle these questions first, and then we’ll give you a realistic time line



Q: I live outside of Houston city limits, but I’d like to hire you as my trainer. How would that work?
A: First off, thank you for your interest in Top Flight Fitness. You could have chosen a number of professionals closer to home. If you are unable to make it into town, please consider our Online Training option. We remain interactive with you throughout the entire process and will make as many adjustments as needed to your regimen.



Q: I signed up for group training with my friends, but I will miss one weekend.
A: Our group training classes are meant to run successively and are paid up front. If you miss a scheduled class, you have forfeited that session. You are allowed to “gift” your session to a friend, but it is your responsibility to receive compensation from your friend for the missed class (the price of one class).


Q: What if we paid for a private group boot camp, and our entire group needs to reschedule a weekend class? Can we do that?
A: Of course. We include extra days in each package (expiration time stamp) to allow for this. Should your group (as a whole) need to reschedule, you must provide 24 hour notice.  



Q: Why aren’t Group Training classes offered during the week?
A: It’s been our experience that group schedules are difficult to coordinate during the week, especially when a you are coming from different parts of town, fighting traffic, dropping off kids, etc. Weekends are easier. The majority of our work-week time slots go to Personal Training and Online Coaching clients. 



Q: What’s your take on supplements? Are they necessary?
A: In a nutshell, no, they are not necessary. The $37B supplement marketing industry can leave even the best of us overwhelmed. If you have expendable funds and/or do not get the necessary nutrients from your food, then supplements can be useful as just that –SUPPLEMENTS. But they should not be used as a replacement for eating real, quality food. There is no fat burner on the market that can override poor nutrition. Lastly, be sure to do independent research into a company’s supplement line before spending big bucks on products that MAY be more filler than good. 


Was your question answered? If not, please visit our “Contact” page and submit an inquiry. We promise to get  back with you within 24 hours.