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Author: Victoria Chestnut


Entry No. 2 – I’m too old for this ‘ish

The debriefing starts now… I always love seeing the looks on (mature folks) faces when I say, “I’m too old for this!” The truth is that I’m trolling to get a reaction, but the reality is that A LOT of people share this belief. Before you open your mouth to tell me why it’s too late do >>insert activity<<, let’s take a glance into the past to salute some pretty epic achievements by individuals 60 and over. At 61, J.R.R. Tolkien published the first volume of his fantasy series, Lord of the Rings. At 65, jazz legend Miles Davis performed his final live album weeks...


Entry No. 1 – Welcome to the Ready Room

Welcome to the Top Flight Fitness “Ready Room”, a virtual congregation area where I’ll debrief you on the latest shenanigans within (and out) of the company. I'll talk about fitness, food,  business, lifestyle tidbits, shout outs and occasionally, announcements. All that good stuff, rolled into a minimalist format that take will take 5 minutes to read. Sometimes 6. Don’t forget to read the “Random Nugget”, where I conclude every entry with an Aviation-inspired word or historical fact. My name is Victoria, Co-Owner and behind-the-scenes organizer. You can call me Vicky for short. I’m glad you’re here. Whether you found us by accident...