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Entry No. 6 – No Food Before Bed? DEBUNKED.

The debriefing starts now…

I’m sure all of us have heard, at one point or another…no eating before bed!

Growing up beneath my mother’s roof, I was often tempted to wait till everyone slept and then sneak in a 2am nibbling-session. Now, in hindsight, I believe my mother was just trying to conserve the groceries by warning of impending weight gain, cramps and possible constipation, but hey…the fear-mongering worked. I kept my butt out of the kitchen at night, even while I lay in bed with a growling stomach that mimicked Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

But times have changed. And with it, evolved nutritional knowledge. If you are among those who still believe eating before bedtime is taboo, keep reading.

Pre-bedtime snacking is not just okay, but even beneficial, for athletes and active fitness enthusiasts. But before you run to the freezer and get that tub of Blue Bell, know this. The best bedtime snacks are going to be protein based, proportioned and ingested 60 – 90 minutes before sleep. Depending on your weight and metabolism, look for something with 15 – 25 grams of protein and no more than 300 calories.

So, how exactly does protein help? Protein helps muscle growth during your sleep cycle, repairing, maintaining and building new tissues that have been stressed by physical activity. During the final phase of the sleep cycle, REM (rapid eye moment), your body produces a boost of growth hormone. Ingesting protein before bed helps feed the beast within while you slumber, which will optimize your gains.  

What NOT to eat? Animal proteins like chicken, fish, red meat, or beans (your partner will thank you).

What SHOULD you eat? A high quality protein powder mixed with water. Other options include greek yogurt, cottage cheese, a handful of Berries, frozen grapes, or a tablespoon of Nut Butter. Are you lactose intolerant? Look for a non-dairy based protein, like pea, rice or hemp, to avoid any bubble gut symptoms.

That’s my five minutes for the day. 
With Love, and GAINS.

Today’s Random Nugget: Charles Lindbergh made the world’s first nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Early on May 20, 1927, he took off in The Spirit of St. Louis, traveling 3,610 miles from Long Island, NY to Paris, France (bonjour!). He landed 33 1/2 hours later to a mob of 100,000 ecstatic Parisians. He received the nickname “Lucky Lindy” for his incredible flight. Want to know more? read about Mr. Lindbergh here.

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